International Urban Sports Forum 2015 in Germany

For several years now, the German city of Karlsruhe has hosted an International Forum on Small gorodki, which is the highlight of the city season in Germany. This year, the forum was dedicated to the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the city. It was attended by the President of the International Federation of Urban Sports Dr. Al-Khatib Mamduh (Russia), as well as Vice-presidents: Alexander Kulak (Belarus), Mikhail Efremov (Estonia) and Edwin Fezer (Germany).

Within the framework of the forum, Dr. Al-Khatib Mamdouh emphasized the importance of developing all disciplines of urban sports and the advantages of Eurocities, which are becoming more and more popular in Germany and have a positive impact on the development of gorodki in other countries. The President noted that intercultural and international exchanges play an important role in the development of small gorodki.

The German Urban Sports Federation was the initiator of the development of urban sports among women.  In order to attract more women to urban sports, this year the organizers decided to hold a tournament exclusively for mixed pairs. Federations of other countries supported this initiative. "The Karlsruhe gorodki International Forum traditionally serves as an exchange of experience between participants and is an excellent opportunity to try out new forms of organizing the event," explained Edwin Fezer, a generator of ideas in the field of gorodki in Germany. With the support of his team from the city sports department "FV Grunwinkel", as well as other sports clubs of Baden-Württemberg, he led the organization and holding of the Forum.

At the reception organized for the Forum participants, the Mayor of Karlsruhe, Mr. Martin Lenz, noted that the beginning of urban sports in Germany was laid in the city of Karlsruhe. Since 2001, urban sports clubs have been established in Germany. Their number is growing from year to year and they are successfully functioning.  Most of them participated in a city forum this year.

Within the framework of the forum, a theoretical seminar was held, which considered the issues of training athletes, organizing competitions, and proposals for the development of urban sports in the international arena . Throughout the forum, experienced coaches from Ukraine and Russia gave players valuable advice.

The forum culminated in a mixed doubles tournament.

After exciting games, the prizes were distributed as follows:

1. Tatiana Yarshevich and Alexander Kulak (Molodechno)

2. Alena Dreschel and Alexander Kostyanoy (Kiev)

3. Elena Berezneva and Dmitry Boyarkin (Minsk)

"The participants of 25 teams from Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Russia and Germany made this forum very diverse and interesting. For German couples, the forum was a good opportunity to gain valuable experience from other players. Despite the difference in the masters of the participants, the whole tournament was very exciting" - shared his impressions of the tournament director Stefan Schaefer.

During a speech at the award ceremony, Silke Hinken, head of the Sports Department of the city of Karlsruhe, invited IFGS representatives to hold the next World Championship in Karlsruhe. Recall that the city was already the host of the championship in 2006.

In turn, Edwin Fraser noted that: "The issue of holding the World Urban Sports Championship in Karlsruhe should be well worked out, since the support of the city is very important for us. I would also like to enlist the support of other organizations and supporters. However, the experience of recent years in the field of events and participation in clubs allows us to look to the future with great optimism."