International Cup of the Republic of Belarus

On Friday, May 1, 2015 in Molodechno (Minsk region, Belarus), the opening of the next tournament in urban sports "International Cup of the Republic of Belarus" took place, and within the framework of these competitions - the 1st stage of the World Cup. Traditionally, these competitions are held in the spring and are dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Chernobyl tragedy. The year 2015 was an anniversary year – this tournament has already turned 20 years old!
Competitions were held among men and women in classic gorodki (individual and team) and in Euro-gorodki (personal).Athletes from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Moldova and Germany took part in them. Pleased to note that sites were not only experienced, outstanding athletes, but also young, and gorodki. For example, a schoolgirl Olga Shapovalova from the far Altai Territory was brought to the tournament by her father, who trains her. And, being engaged in only 2 years, Olga managed to show very good results!
The tournament lasted a week, closing on May 6. Despite the cool and windy weather, the atmosphere at the venues was warm and friendly – we are pleased to meet each other, it is interesting to compete, cheer for each other and discuss city news, as well as share our experience. During the competition days, seminars were held for judges and coaches. Leading experts shared their experience and knowledge not only with coaches and judges - many athletes also participated in the seminars.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up of the tournament!
Classic gorodki.
Personal competitions.

1. Sushko, Gennady, Belarus
2. Andrey Gromov, Russia
3. Ilya Chernov, Belarus

1. Maria Smirnova, Belarus
2. Zhavoronkova Galina, Belarus
3. Ryaboshtan Lydia, Russia
Team competitions.

1. Krasnodar Region. Russia
2. MES. Molodechno, Belarus
3. Moscow-1. Russia

1. Moscow. Russia
2. "Neman", Berezovka, Belarus
3. St. Petersburg. Russia


1. Alexander Filistovich, Belarus
2. Dmitry Kiselevich, Belarus
3. Mikhail,Russia


1. Arsenic Tatiana, Belarus
2. Ryaboshtan Lydia, Russia
3. Nina Mitina, Russia
More information about the results of the competition can be found in the section
" Competitions. 2015".
The tournament is over, and we continue to train and prepare for the next competition!

Member of the Presidium of the NGO "Belarusian Federation of Urban Sports"
Elena Berezneva.