The first Open All-Russian competitions in traditional towns

On August 15 and 16, in Cherepovets, on the territory of the historical and ethnographic museum "Galsky Manor", the first events were held all-russian competitions in traditional gorodki. this sport discipline of urban sports is not yet included in the unified all-russian sports classification. About how its correctly called Finnish gorodki, Karelian gorodki (kuukka), Ruhi or traditional gorodki , the gorodki being hotly debated. The game of small gorodki was born in Russia in the depths of centuries, and began to develop as a sport in Russia since 1923, and in Finland in the 40s of the last century. The Finns kept the game in its original form - on dirt courts, and in Russia it almost disappeared.  The International Federation of Urban Sports calls this discipline "Finnish gorodki", because it returned to Russia from Finland.  Five world Championships were held in Finnish gorodki, but in Russia serious competitions were held only in St. Petersburg (since 2004) and in Karelia (since 2012).

the tournament in cherepovets can be called the open championship of russia in this discipline of urban sports, it was attended by teams from 8 regions of the russian federation (moscow, st. petersburg, vologda, kostroma, leningrad, moscow, tver regions, the republic of karelia) and a team from the belarusian city of molodechno, the twin city of cherepovets. at the opening of the competition, the mayor of cherepovets, yuri kuzin, assured the participants that the only native russian sport in cherepovets will be revived.

the competitions were held at a high sports and organizational level.

all participants noted the good level of a specialized site specially built on the territory of the museum-reserve.