Euro gorodki

Euro gorodki — a game of small towns with polymer bits of limited weight (no more than 2 kg). The length of the bit must not exceed 1 m. The bits are made of polymer pipe or polymer rod without external metal parts.  The game uses 16 pieces, which are built from five towns.: 15 pieces used in the classic gorodoshnoy party and the figure "Fax". The town has the shape of a regular prism, having a square at the base with a side of 43-45 mm with a length of 200 ± 1 mm.  The playing surface of the "city" and "suburb» it can be covered with metal, polymer sheets or other coating that provides a flat horizontal surface. The layout of the urban site, the size and parameters of the equipment in the Eurocities and classic towns are identical. The founders of Eurocities are representatives of Germany!