24 ноября на центральной площади города Анталья прошел Первый Всетурецкий молодежный фестиваль "Российские спортивные традиции".

The main organizers of the Festival - the Moscow international Private school (CMMS) and Russian Society in Antalya. The event was supported by the Antalya City Hall, the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Turkey, the International Association of Culture and Cooperation "Veles" (Kemer), the Russian Society "Edurus" in Alanya.
In the opening ceremony of the festival was attended by Chairman of the Russian society in Antalya and the coordinating Council of Russian compatriots (XORS) in Turkey Marina Sorokina, Executive Secretary XORS of Turkey, external relations coordinator CMMS, Chairman of the Cultural society "Capital" in Antalya Alexander M. Babayev.
The festival program included competitions in small gorodki, demonstration performances of young sambo wrestlers, an obstacle course based on the tests of the WFSK TRP, performances of amateur youth dance, acrobatic and pop groups.
The highlight of the festival program was a playground for playing small gorodki! Guests of the festival-heads of the Federation of Urban Sports of St. Petersburg Evgeny Artamonov and Sergey Oblogin, First Vice-president of the Federation of Urban Sports of Ukraine, member of the Presidium of the International Federation of Urban Sports Vladimir Yevtushenko held master classes and competitions in urban sports between teams of our compatriots from three cities: Antalya, Alanya and Kemer. Was awarded the challenge Cup of old Russian sports Federation of sports of Russia. The victory was won by the team from Alanya. There were also improvised competitions between the Russian and Turkish youth of Antalya. With a minimum advantage of one gorodki, the Turks won the six-figure competition. 
In addition to the participants of the competition, all children and adults who came to the festival were able to play in the gorodki. There were a lot of them - within four hours there was a queue of people who wanted to try to play Russian gorodki. All participants of the competition received souvenirs and printed products from the organizers of the festival, the Federation of Urban Sports of Russia and the Federation of Urban Sports of St. Petersburg.
Before the festival, on November 22 and 23, a presentation of urban sports for schoolchildren and teachers was organized at the chmmsh. An exhibition with photos from the history of urban sports was organized in the conference hall. All students ( in two streams) watched the video material about gorodki sport. Sergey Oblogin told about the history of gorodoshny sports, the rules of competitions, the correct throwing technique and other sports that were born in Russia and are called Russian . On the school sports field, a mobile urban playground was deployed, assembled from a modular polymer coating purchased in advance by the school for the festival. For two days, all the students were taught the game of small gorodki. Our Federation gave the school the necessary equipment: polymer and wooden bats and gorodki. Before our visit, the physical education teacher had already introduced some classes to the gorodki. The teachers made wooden bats and gorodki themselves and played on the existing playground surface.
The initiator of these events was Alexander Mikhailovich Babayev. We met Alexander Mikhailovich during the 2017 gorodki competitions at the X St. Petersburg Forum of Youth Organizations of Russian Compatriots "Russian Abroad". The acquaintance grew into cooperation and received such an interesting and very promising continuation for the development of urban sports in Turkey.
In March 2019, the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg together with the Association of Russian Culture in Ankara is holding the Maslenitsa holiday. As part of the holiday, a presentation of urban sports in the capital of Turkey is planned.