Estonia. Closing of the 2018 season.

CLOSING of the 2018 SEASON In Estonia

On September 8-9, the final competitions of 2018 were held in urban sports. This time, the winners of the competition were determined by the system of "classic" triathlon. In group A, the athletes were eliminated by 30 figures in the "classic" and Eurocities and 4 games in Finnish towns. And veterans determined the winner by the largest number of knocked-out towns. The weather was excellent, but unfortunately injuries did not allow two gorodoshniki to finish the competition at once-this is Bystrov V. and Timchenko A. In the group of veterans, the seats were distributed as follows:

1st place -P. Ivanov (Viljandi) 

2nd place -Stranberg E. (LOCSA)

3rd place -Teeder T. (Viljandi)

In group A, in the absence of injured players, the 3rd place was taken by newcomer Kirilyuk D. from the city of Loks. 2nd place with a score of 149 bits was taken by V. Sizarov from Loks. And the winner was M. Efremov from the village of Vayla. Its result is 116 bits. This is a very high result! The Estonian townspeople say goodbye to everyone until the next season. See you there, friends! President of the ssse Yu.GRILL