Federation of gorodki Sports of Ukraine

The Federation of Urban Sports of Ukraine (FGSU) was formed in 2000. March 12, 2000 - creation of the Federation of Urban sports Ukraine.  January 30, 2001. - FGSU is registered in Ministry of Justice Ukraine. Address of the governing body of the Federation: Kiev, Darvina str., 6. Actual address of the Federation: 02091, Kiev, ul.Trostyanetskaya, 6, K. 384. The goal of the Federation is to join efforts of its members to meet and protect their legitimate sporting, social, economic, creative and other common interests, assist in the development and promotion of gorodki sport Ukraine. Main tasks of the Federation: 1. The creation of necessary conditions for professional, athletic and spiritual development of its members, improving their individual skills; 2. Promote the development of gorodki sport on Ukraine, increasing the role of physical culture and sports in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual, the formation of a healthy lifestyle in different segments of the population; 3. Assistance in the training of highly qualified athletes, coaches, judges in urban sports and successful performance of Ukrainian athletes at the World Championships, European and other international competitions; 4. Development and strengthening of relations with international and national urban sports federations of other countries, associations, unions and other public associations of sports direction, exchange of positive experience; 5. Legal and social protection of athletes, coaches and other specialists–members of the Federation; 6. Promotion and popularization of urban sports.

Council of the Federation of Urban Sports of Ukraine

< td> +380636887967
E-mail: super.dreshel@gmail.com
1 Bogdanov Leonid Vladislavovich President Mr. Kiev +380672363075
2 Vladimir Yevtushenko First Vice President g. Kiev 02091 st. Trostyanetskaya 6, square. 384 +380676596337
E-mail: gorodki@ukr.net
3 Telyatnikov Anatoly Veniaminovich Vice-President Vinnytsia region, Bershad region
p. St. Centralnaya, 112
E-mail: vsedrobilki@ukr.net
4 Kostyanoy Alexander Yurievich < br> Secretary of the Federation Council Mr. Kiev
st. Kharkiv highway, 178, apt. 183
E-mail: kostyanyi@ukr.net
5 Sevryuk Nikolay Petrovich Member of the Council
(responsible for the direction "refereeing")
Poltava region.
st. Salgannaya 25
E-mail: Zsa73@meta.ua
6 Alena Vladimirovna Dreshel Member of the Council (responsible for the direction "sports among youth" Kiev, 15-a Heroes of Stalingrada ave., 144, apt.
7 Kolosov Valeriy Petrovich Member of the Council (responsible for the direction "sports among veterans") Kiev region,
Brovary, 17 Nezavisimosti blvd, apt. 120
8 Koval Svetlana Stanislavovna Member of the Council (responsible for the direction " popularization of sports with the help of modern technologies " Poltava region,
Kremenchug, Moscow Soborna st., 6/7, apt. 8
E-mail: kovalsvitlanakremenchuk@gmail.com
9 Ryvak Danilo Kirilovich Member of the Council Lviv, Khvylovogo st., 31, apt. 22 E-mail: naza rkulay81@gmail.com
10 Shabanov Valery Alexandrovich Member of the Council g. Kharkiv, Victory Avenue, 67, Apt. 283 E-mail: xargorodki@ukr.net