Federation of gorodki sports of Russia

Gorodoshny sport in Russia is headed by the all-Russian public organization "Federation of gorodoshny sports of Russia", which was established on January 15, 1993, registered on August 6, 1999 in the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation.

The President: Pavlova Nadezhda VLADIMIROVNA.

The main objectives of the Federation of gorodki sport of Russia:

promoting the development of urban sports, giving mass character, its wider use in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual, the formation of a healthy lifestyle.


The emblem of the old Russian sports Federation of sports of Russia is the image of three wavy stripes of red, blue and white, bear with bat city and five towns for playing skittles, and the inscription "GORODKI SPORT FEDERATION of RUSSIA" enclosed in a circle. The stripes of red, blue and white are the background of the emblem, arranged horizontally, one after the other, in a bottom-up sequence: red, blue, white, and have uneven vertical edges. In the right part of the emblem there is an image of a bear, symbolizing the national origins of the game gorodki. The bear stands on its hind legs and throws a classic city bat with its right paw. Just below the bat, on the blue and red stripes, there are five game towns in the form of a city figure "crankshaft", bent around the circumference and resting on the bear's lower right paw. Images of the bear, bits and towns are made in shades of black and white. On the outer circle of the emblem on a white background blue letters is the inscription "FEDERATION GORODKI SPORT RUSSIA", the word "FEDERATION" is written from left to right at the top of the circle and selected points, standing on the center line, one on the line of continuation bits clutched in the paw of the bear, and the second on the extension of the line separating the strip of white and blue, the words "CITY of sports of RUSSIA" is written from left to right in the bottom of the circle.