Belarusian Federation of gorodki sports

Public Association " Belarusian Federation of urban sports»

President of the NGO "BFGS" Alexander Viktorovich Mitskevich Minsk (email:,mobile phone: +375295586039)

Deputy for sports Kulak Alexander Antonovich Molodechno (; mobile phone +375297670581)

Deputy for public relations Popova Larisa G. Berezovka (email:; mobile phone +375297625370)

Contact information: 5A K. Buylo str., Molodechno, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus, 222310.: (8-0176)76-58-66,58-04-65,-74-47-82 phone / Fax: 58-04-65.

"Program of urban sports development in the Republic of Belarus for the period 2015-2018»

Date of approval: decision of the Presidium of the Belarusian urban sports Federation: Protocol No. 7 of November 29, 2014.

Program goals: - participate in the implementation of unified state policy in the field of physical culture and sports aimed at health promotion; - promotion of gorodki sport in the Republic of Belarus; - increase the number involved in city sports.

Objectives Of The Program:

- strengthening the material and technical base of urban sports;

- improving the level of skill of athletes, achieving high sports results at national and international competitions;

- development and implementation of a set of measures to promote urban sports as an important component of a healthy lifestyle;

- improving the scientific and methodological foundations of urban sports;

- organization and holding of national and international conferences, symposia, exhibitions, festivals and other mass events aimed at supporting and popularizing urban sports;

- professional development and retraining of sports referees, coaches and instructors-methodologists in urban sports;

- coverage of the activities of the Federation, specialized educational and sports institutions, educational institutions, sports competitions in the media;

- attracting various extra-budgetary sources to Finance the development of urban sports in the Republic of Belarus.